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Leading the light


Forgive me for no words again – really tired and heading to bed. ┬áThe first week back is a toughie.

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Shadows in the park


Another camera photo today – I’m a frustrated by its ┬álimitations but I don’t have a portable enough camera to keep one with me all the time. I was saying to a friend as we waited for our mad girls to stop spinning and spinning and spinning on the tyre swing that what I need is a camera that is also a phone, rather than the other way round. I suspect these already exist.


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Where people lose your name


Walking home from the gym, my eye was attracted to the long shadows cast by the artificial lights of nighttime. In particular I spotted a man walking his dog and the fascinating composition it created. Of course by the time I had got my phone out to record the picture, they were gone.

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Sunday lunch

This is a picture from yesterday but I was too tired to post, so here it is today. We had a lovely family meal, with rellies coming up from Brighton and the opportunity to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We sat down at 12.30 and left at 4.30!


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February skies

2010-02-05 009

Taken February 2010. Seems like only yesterday.

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Your Tiger Feet

What are you doing? I said.
Trying to make a blurry picture for you, she replied, jumping and twirling some more.



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There and back again

Not a very productive day – still no cat friend for Grimmy – but we had a nice pub lunch. I didn’t even get to take a photo, despite taking both my cameras out, so here is one from Tuesday.


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