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Passing by

On my drive to work every day I pass our local cemetery and crematorium. I approach it from a side road, with a view through the railings, and it always seems intriguing. I promised myself I would try and take my camera down there this week, as it is the half term holiday.

With both girls still in their sleep-over locations, to be collected later, I headed down to the cemetery this very sunny morning. I felt a little uncertain whether photography was permitted in the grounds, as I know, particularly these days, authorities can be very sensitive about cameras and security. No one seemed to mind though and I was also careful not to snap any of the inscriptions on the grave stones too closely.





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Not another snowy picture! Well, yes . . .

I took an emergency photo this morning, with the intention of posting something other than a snow photo. But after Jenny and I arrived back from our swim, I couldn’t help myself and ended up taking a few more. You’d think I had never seen snow before.

Sometimes you just have to be sure to record these snowy days. Not having a magnificent memory, at least not for some things (I can tell you how I felt about a dress I saw in a shop, for example, but struggle to describe it accurately), the pictures are a useful reminder.


Mr Angelfeet agreed to do the sledging run, but as you can see, he was taking his own photos.

Back to school for all of us tomorrow, if the weather doesn’t change, except Mr A, who gets to sit on a big chair all day.

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We just need some colour in our lives everyday

There was a little bit of sun in the garden mid-afternoon today and I thought to myself, “I’ll get my camera and get a nice picture of that tree bark in the sunlight”. I turned away, and when I turned back, the sun had disappeared behind a cloud.  We have been promised snow over the next few days, which will create a great deal of disruption and some photo opportunities. (Note to self: I must read that article in my camera magazine about taking shots in the snow).

This photo was taken in the gardens of National Trust property last April. We’ve been there in all sorts of weather, even in the snow one year.


Snow or no snow, I’m looking forward to spring.

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When will I ever learn . . .

Today I have been mostly doing this:

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It’s about time

Our friends, L and M have, for a long time, been suggesting we join them in visiting the south coastal town of Eastbourne. They insisted that the sea was a colour not matched anywhere else; that the beach had the most interesting pebbles and stones; that the Towner gallery was a treat; and the experience of eating at the Holiday Inn Fish Bar – well, there were no words for that, you just had to do it.

We hadn’t been putting it off, but there never seemed the right time, what with all the usual family commitments and the inability of all members of my lovely family to actually all be out of bed and ready to leave at an early enough time to make it worthwhile.

But somehow, today, we did it.

The sea was a magnificent colour.

The pebbles were intriguing.

The Towner gallery was inspiring.

The Holiday Inn Fish Bar was certainly an experience (tinned peaches and cream anyone?) and it offered a suitably satisfying, reasonably priced lunch. The photo of Jenny’s banana split is kindly supplied by Hubby.

All in all, a lovely day.

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Rain on a spider’s web

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How long have you been in this part of the country?

Waving bye-bye to our lovely cottage overlooking the bay, we moved on from a week in Robin Hood’s Bay, to Derbyshire, where we stayed a couple of nights at The Rambler Inn, which was a very comfy stay, with some very friendly staff.

My main reason for guiding the family towards this part of the country was to be able to visit this property.

The exteriors of this stately home were used for filming a rather well-known period drama almost 20 years ago. Do you recognise it?

Another attraction of the area was the beautiful scenery. We’d not visited the area before and were astounded by the beauty of the landscape. This was taken from Rushup Edge, which we climbed after stopping the car to admire the view from the road. It was an even better view from the top.

It seemed the perfect weather for these para-gliders.