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Word Magic

There is something magical about being so engrossed in a book, you just can’t put it down, whether at night in bed, on the train, or as in the case of Jenny, the transfer from childminder to home front door to armchair. She didn’t even take her coat off.


Just in case you want to know, the book is Cool by Michael Morpurgo and she finished it in one school day, (which I assume included some other learning in addition to reading).

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Team work

I missed posting yesterday, which I’m a little grumpy about. It was an incredibly busy day and evening, but I would have still managed to post something, except for the fact that I didn’t have enough memory on my computer to transfer the photos I took last night, and spent quite a long time trying to sort that out. In the end, I gave up – it was, by that time – after midnight and I’d missed the day. Yes, I could have cheated and post-dated the post but I thought not.

We were busy last night, listening to thousands of primary age children singing at The O2 in London. Jenny and Rosie have both sung with the Young Voices choir before. This year was a better experience for Jenny as she was less nervous and they weren’t up in the gods, making the whole much more enjoyable.

Young Voices O2 300113

Can you imagine the volume created by all those children?

Fabulous singing from the massed Choir, great guests (The African Children’s Choir, Connie Talbot, and Randolph Matthews) and a trouble-free journey there and back made for a marvellous, albeit tiring, evening.

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All I want is a room somewhere

10 hours between the first cup of tea of the day and the next cuppa is not right.



I guess it meant I enjoyed this one even more.

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Bring me sunshine

Last Sunday, when Jenny and I were enjoying ourselves in the near deserted public swimming pool, it was almost surreal to look out of the tall windows along the side of the pool and see it steadily snowing. This week, we had sunshine as we walked down to the leisure centre. What a contrast!


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It will be gone by Monday

Early start (on a Saturday!) to attend a Day School for my psychology course. I got up super early to do the reading I should have done in . . . ahem . . . November/December. I’m a little behind but it is flexible learning after all. The early start meant, too, that I had an unhurried journey into Central London and time for a coffee before I went into the training room.

These sort of days are great. I really enjoy the change of routine and the feeling of just having to focus on the one thing, as opposed to the multi-tasking/multi-role I have to perform a lot of the time. Interestingly, today’s study day was to do with attention and perception. (Do I really multi-task?) Always nice to spend time with friends from my tutor group, as well as others studying towards to the same thing. The level of helpfulness of the three sessions we had varied a bit, but provoked  discussion and made it a stimulating few hours.  When we’d finished, we headed for the bar. Real students!

IMG_6509I took my camera out with me, determined to capture some of the sunshine we had today. This photo was taken on the way into London.

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The Way Through

Another picture from last night.

DSC00375 copy

I’m going into Central London tomorrow and hopefully will have space in my bag for my camera. No time during the day today and when I got home from work, I fell asleep in the sofa (still in my coat!). How sad!

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Into the shadows

2013-01-24 21.57.08

On our way back from a quick meal out, I purloined hubby’s Smartphone to take some pictures of a floodlit local church, as I didn’t have any of my own equipment.


Wish you were here

I haven’t found the cold, snowy weather too vexing but can’t help thinking of the summer and the holiday we’ve booked. We’ll be spending it, as is often the case, with our dear friends, L and M. I’m thinking of them especially tonight, as they have just lost some of their family.


Love you guys x x

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Home is where the heart is

I had a school governors’ meeting tonight, that went on for a while. As I’m the Chair, I think I should be able to curtail business enough to make the meetings not overly-long. But, people need to discuss what they need to discuss, especially in times such as these, when there is a strong agenda coming down from on high.

So I’m glad I took my emergency photo a few days ago.  It is a picture of something very important to me. Or rather, a pair of somethings as neither is good without the other.

My slippers.

They are so important to me that my hubby has given them a nickname. They are my comfort, my feeling of safety, as well as keeping my feet snug and warm. And I get quite agitated if, by chance, my lovely but pesky daughter has put them on and wondered off in them. If they’re not where I left them, I’m not a happy bunny.

Which is why I was marginally distressed when I stepped in a puddle of hidden, melted ice in the lean-to and my slippers became sodden with water.  The worst possible thing (in regard to my slippers, you understand). What could I do whilst these dried off?

Luckily, I had emergency slippers – I’d bought two pairs the last time I shopped, partly because I couldn’t decide between the designs. But I’m so glad I did.


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The weight of the world

An odd day today. Back to work after a snowy weekend, I decided not take the car to work. It’s normally a 15 minute drive, and although the main roads were moving really well, I had slight trepidation about the side roads, including my own. Living in London, I never forget how lucky we are to have a really good public transport system, and living in my part of London, I’m blessed with being near the Tramlink line that runs across South London. The journey to work was 30 mins longer than my usual drive, but quite unstressful, without any waiting around. It’s funny how travelling can be seamless on occasion, and hell on earth at other times.


My lovely friend, B, and her fab hubby, J, gave me a lift home, so that was another effortless journey. Just as well, as I think  that all the extra activity I’ve been doing  (gym and swimming) is has been wearing me out, and I’m so sleepy.

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