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A Whole New World

Homework in secondary (senior) school is really hard. Yes, I realise it’s not supposed to be my homework but certainly the first few weeks at Big School have been a joint effort in terms of the homework schedule. As it should be.

The science homework this week involved making a 3D model of a human cell. A trail of conversations led me to something that I had heard of but never before encountered – FIMO.

These are not the end result, rather incarnations in the process of mixing the curiously satisfying modelling clay into the right shape and colour.



Too big

I was trying to find an image for my avatar on one of the forums I contribute to. The original was too big a file/pixel size, so I played around with the image in photoshop elements, and got this:

File size not any smaller, because I just couldn’t work out how to do it, but I liked the effect.

Then I tried something else and got this:

Still too big, but oh so blue.

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If this was Mushi Monsters, this monster would be dead

Luckily it’s not, and low and behold, it’s still here when I come crawling back. Unlike my yahoo mail account which got deleted recently. Strangely easy to resurrect, although all the messages were gone (I suspect it was entirely spam, as I hadn’t used it in ages.)

The last photos I posted here, back in spring-like March, were of my evolving kitchen (no, not revolving, although that would be cool!). As I sit at my rather splendid breakfast bar, on my rather splendid rock music-themed bar stool, I realise how much we take the new space for granted. It works so much better, even though our family tendency for untidyness spreads onto the workspaces, and with a new DAB radio, we can listen to ClassicFm (other DAB stations are available). I spend a lot of time in here.

This is really supposed to be a photo blog. It started as a post-one-every-day-for-a-year blog and I (almost) managed that. I’m not sure I can re-instate a daily photo, too much going on, but I hope I can be a bit better (heard that before somewhere).

In the meantime, I’m going to post a few catch up photos from months that have been missed.

April 2010 Gloucestershire

May 2010 (oh dear, I can’t remember where, it was on the way back from our Cotswolds break)

June 2010, the Ashford start of the Great Kent Bike Ride

July 2010, the local fun fair

August 2010, Ightham Mote (National Trust Property)

September 2010, new year, new school

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