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Not in control

It has has been an odd couple of weeks, quite eventful, and I’m really glad for it to be Friday. Misadventure, magic and music mostly sums it up.  At some point in the last two weeks I submitted an essay for my psychology course, and to meet the deadline I stayed up super late and missed going to my choir rehearsal. This week I missed choir again, as Rosie was singing in a concert at her new school, and because I’d missed my rehearsal, didn’t feel I could join the performance I was supposed to singing in the next evening. Meanwhile, one of our lovely cats had to spend 3 nights at the vet’s surgery, as she was very poorly after some sort of accident (we still don’t know what happened to her). Luckily she’s home again and on the mend, it appears, clambering over things in the house which will no doubt in something crashing down around her.

And speaking of crashing down, I tripped over at work and smacked my ribs into the corner of a table. Fantastic! It has created a very colourful bruise (one of my talents, colouful bruising). I just hope I’m not too achey in the morning.

The image above was taken at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, last June, when we attended a performance of Faure’s Requiem. It’s a magnificent venue for a concert, truly breathtaking and the music was blissful. I took the picture with my iPod and then did some colour saturation. Fun playing with that  but I never spend enough time to really control the finished version.

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A drop in the ocean


I’ve found it hard to be present enough to post the last couple of days. Too many demands in some form or another, and when I did sit down last night to write a blog post, I found myself unable to stay awake long enough to write anything.

The days vary in their coldness, although the classroom where I work can be stifling one minute and chilly the next. I find myself counting down the days, not to the end of term, but to December 22nd, the Winter Equinox (or is it 21st) when the world turns again and we start the count up to longer days and shorter nights. I remember my Mum used to find the dark nights oppressive, and whilst I don’t feel as bad as that, I do miss the longer days.

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The picture is from November last year –  I haven’t managed to get out and capture much of this year’s autumnal colour. I had forgotten that we had collected these beautiful ruby leaves from beneath the trees at Wisley.

It’s been a busy weekend and I wish had made time for some outdoor fresh air type of activities. But I got a lot of little jobs done, which means I might have time for outdoorsy stuff later in the week.

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My life is not a straight line



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X marks the spot

Connectivity problems yesterday meant I couldn’t post from my laptop. I ran the diagnostic thingey and it said the internet was broken (or something).

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It looks like some sort of museum artefact, balanced there on the corner of a display case in the Towner Gallery, but in fact it was freshly plucked from the beach earlier that day and slipped into a pocket.


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Somewhere, out there

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