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They say God is Everywhere




Spring has arrived


I love our forsythia bush. It’s a bit wild this year, because I can never bear to prune it and Mr Angefeet always wants to, but never gets round to it.


Pear or Apple?


Down at our allotment today. The weather was fantastic and we made a little progress in clearing the beds. We were pleased to see at least one of our fruit trees deciding it was coming up to spring, but we couldn’t be sure which one it was. I think we decided pear, as apple blosson looks like . . . well, apple blossom, I guess.

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Blue well


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During a meal out to a high street Pizzeria, we were lucky enough to sit right next to the chefs’ station. I was fascinated by the way this guy rolled long fingers of dough, then chopped them into morsels and transferred them to the dish for baking. The chef was a little amused about me taking shots of his handiwork.

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Even using a tripod, this was still shaky. But gosh, doesn’t she take your breath away!




During the half term holiday at the end of February, Rosie had some friends round. I thought there might be the need for the distraction-of-Jenny, who, being 4 years junior to the other three girls might not be able to join in with the “grown-up girls”, and got out the ingredients for cake-making.

I found myself on my own in this pursuit, as all the girls decided to play a delightedly low-tech game of hide and seek around the house. However, like the animals in the Little Red Hen, they all came scuttling back when it was time to decorate the newly iced cakes.

By the way, I am not the cake-maker in the house. Hubby does it so much better. But there weren’t any cakes left by the time he got home, so I must have done something right.

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