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Earth, um, 45 minutes. It still counts. A bit.


We had our dear friends, L and M, round for a celebratory Chinese take-away (we’re about 6 weeks late celebrating L’s birthday in February, but the anticipation was worth it). I declared early on in the evening that I wanted to take part in Earth Hour 2008, scheduled for 8 til 9.

I got candles out and we started lighting them. L said she was able to continue knitting (yesterday’s image) in candlelight, although I was a bit concerned that the fluffy wool would somehow catch the flame, but I think she must be a seasoned candlight-knitter, because there was no inferno.

Jenny ran around at 8, turning the lights off. The timing was a bit tricky, as our meal was expected to arrive sometime after 8.30, and therefore Mr Angelfeet wanted to leave the porch light on for the driver. I pouted a bit about this, but decided that, hey, we were at least doing something. More significantly, it focused our minds and the children (well, Rosie at least) were aware of the significance of it.

We’ll do better tomorrow.

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