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It will be gone by Monday

Early start (on a Saturday!) to attend a Day School for my psychology course. I got up super early to do the reading I should have done in . . . ahem . . . November/December. I’m a little behind but it is flexible learning after all. The early start meant, too, that I had an unhurried journey into Central London and time for a coffee before I went into the training room.

These sort of days are great. I really enjoy the change of routine and the feeling of just having to focus on the one thing, as opposed to the multi-tasking/multi-role I have to perform a lot of the time. Interestingly, today’s study day was to do with attention and perception. (Do I really multi-task?) Always nice to spend time with friends from my tutor group, as well as others studying towards to the same thing. The level of helpfulness of the three sessions we had varied a bit, but provoked  discussion and made it a stimulating few hours.  When we’d finished, we headed for the bar. Real students!

IMG_6509I took my camera out with me, determined to capture some of the sunshine we had today. This photo was taken on the way into London.

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Much rather be playing with these . . .

. . .but I left my essay so late 😉


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