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The weight of the world

An odd day today. Back to work after a snowy weekend, I decided not take the car to work. It’s normally a 15 minute drive, and although the main roads were moving really well, I had slight trepidation about the side roads, including my own. Living in London, I never forget how lucky we are to have a really good public transport system, and living in my part of London, I’m blessed with being near the Tramlink line that runs across South London. The journey to work was 30 mins longer than my usual drive, but quite unstressful, without any waiting around. It’s funny how travelling can be seamless on occasion, and hell on earth at other times.


My lovely friend, B, and her fab hubby, J, gave me a lift home, so that was another effortless journey. Just as well, as I think  that all the extra activity I’ve been doing  (gym and swimming) is has been wearing me out, and I’m so sleepy.

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X marks the spot

Connectivity problems yesterday meant I couldn’t post from my laptop. I ran the diagnostic thingey and it said the internet was broken (or something).

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