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We just need some colour in our lives everyday

There was a little bit of sun in the garden mid-afternoon today and I thought to myself, “I’ll get my camera and get a nice picture of that tree bark in the sunlight”. I turned away, and when I turned back, the sun had disappeared behind a cloud.  We have been promised snow over the next few days, which will create a great deal of disruption and some photo opportunities. (Note to self: I must read that article in my camera magazine about taking shots in the snow).

This photo was taken in the gardens of National Trust property last April. We’ve been there in all sorts of weather, even in the snow one year.


Snow or no snow, I’m looking forward to spring.

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Coming round to the idea

She was very suspicious of it at first. I thought she would love it, as they had one at Battersea Cats and Dogs home and it appeared to be a favourite there.

When we unwrapped her Christmas present and opened the box to the play circuit, we expected her to play with the wrapping paper for a while, but we didn’t expect to be scared of her new toy. It’s taken her several days to get used to it and a change of the ball helped her gain confidence.

Now it’s her friend, her plaything, her servant. And tonight it became her bed for a while.


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How long have you been in this part of the country?

Waving bye-bye to our lovely cottage overlooking the bay, we moved on from a week in Robin Hood’s Bay, to Derbyshire, where we stayed a couple of nights at The Rambler Inn, which was a very comfy stay, with some very friendly staff.

My main reason for guiding the family towards this part of the country was to be able to visit this property.

The exteriors of this stately home were used for filming a rather well-known period drama almost 20 years ago. Do you recognise it?

Another attraction of the area was the beautiful scenery. We’d not visited the area before and were astounded by the beauty of the landscape. This was taken from Rushup Edge, which we climbed after stopping the car to admire the view from the road. It was an even better view from the top.

It seemed the perfect weather for these para-gliders.


On a Clear Day

Well you wouldn’t know now, as the mist is now creeping down over the headland and floating across the bay, but earlier it was a very conventionally summery day. Sun shining, ice-cream on the beach, much paddling by the kids, much sitting down and taking lazy photos by me. It appears they have a micro-climate here and it’s extra-ordinary how quickly things change. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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Snow fun

In whatever way you normally encounter me, whether it’s here or the slightly revived Going to Pieces, you may have wondered where I’ve been. Well, I’ve actually been at Barbara’s (she of JoBart). For six weeks. Reading books. You don’t believe me? Look.

You may think it wouldn’t take that long to read one children’s story book, but it was a long book, with a cat who couldn’t speak English and only the parrot could understand him. And you think there were only 4 children. No, out of shot there were 50 more children waiting to have it re-read, because they couldn’t see the pictures from where they were standing.

Anyway, I’ve been tagged for a meme, by Barbara (because she’s the only one that actually knows that I’m still alive). Apparently the meme was set up by Tara of Stickyfingers, who I hadn’t encountered before now. But I already like her, because she loves trees.

A difficult thing for everyone, deciding on a favourite photo. Of course, today’s favourite may not be tomorrow’s or yesterday’s. But as I was walking home in the snow (more snow again today), I decided I could put one forward as a favourite.

This was taken last February. It has slightly bittersweet associations, as we’d had to postpone my Mum’s funeral on account of the snow, but once we’d made the decision to postpone, it meant that I was able to put thoughts of it aside and just enjoy the snow fun.