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Size 8

Not an original idea, I know, but I joined our local gym yesterday.

They have a gym and swim package, which also includes classes. The swimming option will be useful for when Jenny and I get to the pool, and the gym will be me-time. It’s been a while since I was at the gym.


I had the gym induction this afternoon and although it wasn’t full-on, I suspect there will be ache-age tomorrow, and I don’t mean for the personal trainer.

In order to balance activity with couch potato-ing, this evening I’m watching a repeat of The Great British Bake Off. Inspiring, and tempting. That could definitely lead me astray. More reason to make the gym a regular outing.

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I didn’t go to the gym today because . . .

  • I remembered there is a community group in there on a Monday afternoon and it’s only a little gym
  • I had to fix my website
  • someone had to eat the trifle


  • the cat would have been lonely