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Shadows in the park


Another camera photo today – I’m a frustrated by its ┬álimitations but I don’t have a portable enough camera to keep one with me all the time. I was saying to a friend as we waited for our mad girls to stop spinning and spinning and spinning on the tyre swing that what I need is a camera that is also a phone, rather than the other way round. I suspect these already exist.



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I took the girls, and one of Rosie’s school friends, on a trip to the National Gallery where the staff run family workshops on Sundays and during the school holidays. It was an enjoyable afternoon, although Jenny got a little upset during the part of the session when we were sketching our ideas. I have to say I found the picture that we were basing our work on a little overwhelming myself, so I wasn’t unsympathetic to her tears. However, as I’d suspected, she cheered up once we were in the studio and had a paintbrush in her hand.

The gallery lies on the north side of Trafalgar Square, in the shadow of Nelson’s Column. After we’d finished in the gallery, we stopped to look at the fountains and the lion statues. I like this picture, because, although Jenny could step up quite easily onto the level that Rosie and her friend were standing on, Jenny’s arms weren’t long enough to reach the other side of the balustrade and so she had no way of keeping her up there.