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In the Bay

We’re staying in a cottage overlooking a bay on the North-East Coast of Yorkshire. It’s lovely.

2009-08-23 Robin Hoods  Bay 003

2009-08-23 Robin Hoods  Bay 022



For Sarah

2009-08-20 Nature Trail 045

A friend passed away yesterday. She wasn’t a close friend, but a friend nevertheless. She was 42 and leaves her husband and an 8-year old son. These sorts of death are so difficult to comprehend.

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I know you’ve given up coming here, due to the infrequency of posting. I have been taking photos, but it’s just been sooooooo busy with . . . things . . . and other things.

I think I have been running around organising holidays, shopping for holidays, trying to guess whether it will rain on holiday. You get the idea.

We were away at Center Parcs this weekend. Yippee! We went to the same site as last August (no imagination, us) and had as much fun as last year. It was a fairly jam-packed weekend and we had the added bonus of having our nephews (my sisters’ two sons) stay for two nights. Big sister and her hubby went off for a couple nights on thei own, at a hotel not too far away from where we were.

The boys were great company, very easy going and really good with the girls. Despite the age gap of 9 years between the oldest boy and the youngest girl (nephew J being 15, nephew R being 13 and our Rosie 10 and Jenny being 7 next month), they still play together really well.

Much activity went on. Jenny’s first reaction to the Quad biking was resistance, but she soon warmed to it and the fashion accessory that came with it.

2009-08-14 Center Parcs 001

As you can see, she soon got to grips to it.

2009-08-14 Center Parcs 004

A little later Rosie was up in the trees.

2009-08-14 Center Parcs 041

This year we all took bikes. Jenny has progressed from four wheels to two. She did us proud pedalling along the paths and taking responsibility for locking up her helmet and bike.

And I took my bike, my new shiny bike. I have only this photo to show you at the moment. But she’s lovely.

2009-08-17 Center Parcs 018