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In the long, sleepless watches of the night

A jaunt up to Central London with the girls, playing I Spy on the train into town, before meeting my sister for lunch. On the way back I resisted the temptation to go into Rymans and buy unnecessary stationery items, and although I said the Waterstones word, I didn’t anywhere near a printed book.

At our homeward terminus, Charing Cross station, I stopped for a moment to capture a picture of the Eleanor Cross. I know I have blogged about this before, way back in the mists of time. This is a replica of a cross erected by Edward I, in memory of his wife, Eleanor of Castile. He arranged for 12 such crosses to be erected at each of 12 sites where her coffin had rested overnight on the trip from Lincoln to London. They were built between 1291 and 1297, with the funds coming out of the Queen’s estate!

I haven’t managed to visit any of the three remaining original monuments, but it’s on my list.

IMG_6653 cropped

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On a Clear Day

Well you wouldn’t know now, as the mist is now creeping down over the headland and floating across the bay, but earlier it was a very conventionally summery day. Sun shining, ice-cream on the beach, much paddling by the kids, much sitting down and taking lazy photos by me. It appears they have a micro-climate here and it’s extra-ordinary how quickly things change. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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Pictures of home

He’s the guitarist. I’m the groupie.



This is not a good picture, but I was unable yesterday to get a better angle.

However, I like the subject. It is one of the Eleanor Crosses, this one standing 30 feet from the location of yesterday’s photo, outside Charing Cross Rail Station.


I love the story of the crosses. Created in memory of the wife of Edward I, Eleanor of Castile, there are a series of 12 monuments (although only 3 remain fully intact) that were erected at each location that her coffin rested overnight on the journey from her place of death, Harby, near Lincoln, down to the final resting place of the coffin at Westminster Abbey. Sadly, this is not one of the original crosses, but a rather over-ornate replica. The original meaning is still there for me.

I delight in this demonstration of Edward’s love for his wife and keep meaning to visit the other sites sometime. I’m sure there are thousands of commuters that pass this monument every day, without knowing the real story behind it and what it represents.