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Home is where the heart is

I had a school governors’ meeting tonight, that went on for a while. As I’m the Chair, I think I should be able to curtail business enough to make the meetings not overly-long. But, people need to discuss what they need to discuss, especially in times such as these, when there is a strong agenda coming down from on high.

So I’m glad I took my emergency photo a few days ago.  It is a picture of something very important to me. Or rather, a pair of somethings as neither is good without the other.

My slippers.

They are so important to me that my hubby has given them a nickname. They are my comfort, my feeling of safety, as well as keeping my feet snug and warm. And I get quite agitated if, by chance, my lovely but pesky daughter has put them on and wondered off in them. If they’re not where I left them, I’m not a happy bunny.

Which is why I was marginally distressed when I stepped in a puddle of hidden, melted ice in the lean-to and my slippers became sodden with water.  The worst possible thing (in regard to my slippers, you understand). What could I do whilst these dried off?

Luckily, I had emergency slippers – I’d bought two pairs the last time I shopped, partly because I couldn’t decide between the designs. But I’m so glad I did.


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