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What a miserable weather the day has presented us. I was dithering about plans for the day, when I had a call from one of Jenny’s friend’s Mum, who needed some help with childcare for the day. I was happy to be able to help out.

Rosie begged for one of her friends to be invited round, and luckily her first choice of friend was free.

After lunch we went swimming and then raided the confectionary machine when we were dry (I fessed up to the parents).

The walk home was companiable and blissfully rain-free.


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Minnis Bay (not Minnie’s Bay)

We went to the beach yesterday, in fact to a beach we’d never visited before. The weather was forecast to be iffy (technical term for unsettled), and I was a bit pouty about that. But we ventured out, and as soon as we arrived we knew we’d made the right decision.

2009-05-25 053

2009-05-25 066

I sat happily taking pictures and people-watching. My socks stayed on. Not so for Mr Angelfeet and the girls.
2009-05-25 006

2009-05-25 013

2009-05-25 014

At the end of our stay, the heavens truly opened, and we were treated to a display of lightning, and the rumble of thunder. We travelled home, damp but happy.

2009-05-25 038

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The Charmer

Really bad photo, taken in muted light with the camera phone (Mr Angelfeet had the small Ixus for his baseball game, and  I didn’t want to take the bigger Powershot up to London), and please don’t mention the person’s head in the foreground.

But I have to post something to try to share the excitement and enjoyment of a night out to a gig with my friend Liz. We had a fantastic time at the Seth Lakeman gig, marvelling at the skills of the musicians and the slightly bizarre stomping dance that he does as he plays and sings. The venue is a beautiful converted chapel, still used for prayer as well as for live music.


Here is a link to a vid of him performing. It doesn’t really show too much of the stomping, but does show what a rather appealing young man he is.

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Abandoned by Mr Angelfeet, who went out in yesterday morning to meet up with fellow band members*, the girls and I stewed in our own activities, until I decided what we needed was retail therapy.

After a hard days shopping, we came home to a lovely BBQ meal.

2009-05-23 002

I know it looks like the garden’s on fire. but this is just the smoky phase of the process.

* band not yet named and no gigs booked, but that’s what they are aiming for.

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Forgetful me

I seem to have started another photoblog over here. I had completely forgetten about it.



I realised I hadn’t posted any of these photos from a weekend away I enjoyed at the end of April. It had been planned for several months, a weekend with two friends who I have known since Secondary (high) school. That’s near enough 30 years ago. Oh my.

We saw the sea . . .

2009-04-28 031

visited a vineyard . . .

2009-04-28 016
and stayed in a converted Oast House.

2009-04-28 002


An in-and-out sort of day

It was an afternoon of showers and sunshine. I had intended to visit my plot on the allotment, but ended up staying at home, flitting between homework help/supervision and trying to pot up the plants I’d bought yesterday, in between the showers. I didn’t get them all in, but achieved a reasonable amount. I feel quite worn out, in a good way.

2009-05-17 003

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