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I hope you’re not getting too bored with my moon obsession. But she is beautiful, isn’t she. I took this at 5 p.m. today, still light, which cheers me, because it means the days are getting longer.

DSC00110 copy 2

Busy day at work today, as usual. Since I started working in the classroom as a full-time teaching assistant, (I have previously worked with individual children outside of the classroom), the days just whiz by. Great, though, to sit with a child in class and share in their learning and understanding.

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The Moon Knows My Name


Inspired by the current BBC specials on Stargazing (Stargazing Live), I dipped into the Angelfeet Archive to find a beautiful moon picture. It was taken in June last year, from my doorstep (opportunist or lazy, you decide).

(Posted in duplicate, mistakenly, over at another of my blogs, Going to Pieces, so if you follow both you get a double dose).

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