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It will be gone by Monday

Early start (on a Saturday!) to attend a Day School for my psychology course. I got up super early to do the reading I should have done in . . . ahem . . . November/December. I’m a little behind but it is flexible learning after all. The early start meant, too, that I had an unhurried journey into Central London and time for a coffee before I went into the training room.

These sort of days are great. I really enjoy the change of routine and the feeling of just having to focus on the one thing, as opposed to the multi-tasking/multi-role I have to perform a lot of the time. Interestingly, today’s study day was to do with attention and perception. (Do I really multi-task?) Always nice to spend time with friends from my tutor group, as well as others studying towards to the same thing. The level of helpfulness of the three sessions we had varied a bit, but provoked  discussion and made it a stimulating few hours.  When we’d finished, we headed for the bar. Real students!

IMG_6509I took my camera out with me, determined to capture some of the sunshine we had today. This photo was taken on the way into London.

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The weight of the world

An odd day today. Back to work after a snowy weekend, I decided not take the car to work. It’s normally a 15 minute drive, and although the main roads were moving really well, I had slight trepidation about the side roads, including my own. Living in London, I never forget how lucky we are to have a really good public transport system, and living in my part of London, I’m blessed with being near the Tramlink line that runs across South London. The journey to work was 30 mins longer than my usual drive, but quite unstressful, without any waiting around. It’s funny how travelling can be seamless on occasion, and hell on earth at other times.


My lovely friend, B, and her fab hubby, J, gave me a lift home, so that was another effortless journey. Just as well, as I think  that all the extra activity I’ve been doing  (gym and swimming) is has been wearing me out, and I’m so sleepy.

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Not another snowy picture! Well, yes . . .

I took an emergency photo this morning, with the intention of posting something other than a snow photo. But after Jenny and I arrived back from our swim, I couldn’t help myself and ended up taking a few more. You’d think I had never seen snow before.

Sometimes you just have to be sure to record these snowy days. Not having a magnificent memory, at least not for some things (I can tell you how I felt about a dress I saw in a shop, for example, but struggle to describe it accurately), the pictures are a useful reminder.


Mr Angelfeet agreed to do the sledging run, but as you can see, he was taking his own photos.

Back to school for all of us tomorrow, if the weather doesn’t change, except Mr A, who gets to sit on a big chair all day.

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The Fight

It has been an incredibly lazy day today, with timings all out (get up at 10.45, breakfast at 11.30, lunch at 3) and I now feel dozy and uninspired. I guess I needed a sleepy day, and the light covering of snow meant that I didn’t feel a need to go out anywhere.

Jenny begged for a snowball fight companion, but I argued that I had had a go yesterday after school, so Mr Angelfeet volunteered, leaving me as official photographer (oh, such a burden!), comfortable in the warmth of the kitchen, shooting through the window. I got to use my 70mm-300mm lens and the fangley-doo-da setting on my camera that shoots continuous mode.DSC00248




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Snow girl

I was surprised to find the world was not all white this morning, as many of the forecasts had promised overnight snow. However, we didn’t have to wait long into the morning, and then it snowed steadily for most of the day. Unusually, I wasn’t my usual grumpy-pants about it, as I don’t like dodgy road conditions (who does?), but the roads in our part of London were moving well and in the end the journey home was unproblematic.

DSC00128 copy

Jenny and I had some fun in the garden when we got home. It wasn’t really the right sort of snow for a snowman, so we pelted each with snowballs instead.

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Softly on the hair of my beloved

It’s not snow-day snow, but we woke up this morning to fluffy flakes floating down past the window. It was still dark when I went out and took this photo by the light of the security lamp. I’m chuffed to have got an image before it melted.


I had to clear snow from the car, but none of it had settled on the roads or pavements.  The children at the school where I work were all looking forward to playing in the snow after school, but I was a little sad for them, because I knew that there would be nothing to see later.

I’m sure there will be more this winter.


We just need some colour in our lives everyday

There was a little bit of sun in the garden mid-afternoon today and I thought to myself, “I’ll get my camera and get a nice picture of that tree bark in the sunlight”. I turned away, and when I turned back, the sun had disappeared behind a cloud.  We have been promised snow over the next few days, which will create a great deal of disruption and some photo opportunities. (Note to self: I must read that article in my camera magazine about taking shots in the snow).

This photo was taken in the gardens of National Trust property last April. We’ve been there in all sorts of weather, even in the snow one year.


Snow or no snow, I’m looking forward to spring.

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