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In the long, sleepless watches of the night

A jaunt up to Central London with the girls, playing I Spy on the train into town, before meeting my sister for lunch. On the way back I resisted the temptation to go into Rymans and buy unnecessary stationery items, and although I said the Waterstones word, I didn’t anywhere near a printed book.

At our homeward terminus, Charing Cross station, I stopped for a moment to capture a picture of the Eleanor Cross. I know I have blogged about this before, way back in the mists of time. This is a replica of a cross erected by Edward I, in memory of his wife, Eleanor of Castile. He arranged for 12 such crosses to be erected at each of 12 sites where her coffin had rested overnight on the trip from Lincoln to London. They were built between 1291 and 1297, with the funds coming out of the Queen’s estate!

I haven’t managed to visit any of the three remaining original monuments, but it’s on my list.

IMG_6653 cropped


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Cloud Sleeping

I am a woman of few words today, as I have been heartily rubbish in my work on my essay, and so must push on. ┬áBut I did manage to take this snap when I got home, after a day of emergency first aid training, with my fabulous friend (and now colleague – woohoo!) Barbara of JoBart.

I wish I was cloud sleeping.

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Rain on a spider’s web

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I’ve felt quite fragmented today; a hormonally-related migraine that I wouldn’t claim to be the worst in terms of pain but boy, those visitors have a way of making you feel like every cell in your body is disrupted, not centred, out of synch. Bleah! Feeling slightly better than earlier at the moment and I know tomorrow will be more grounded.

Rosie and I bought this magnetic building-kit yesterday. There’s something very satisfying about playing with these.

Rosie created this sculpture. I couldn’t resist the mid-morning sunlight filtering through.


Mind the Gap


This looks like it’s been cut out and placed on a blue background, but in fact it’s untouched, straight from the camera.

I got very excited taking pictures at this location, although I couldn’t linger long as I was with my Mum and Sister. Have a look at the few shots that I managed to fit in here. (Oh dear, I’ve named it 2007. I’ll fix that later).