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Hanging out

Jenny had a friend over this afternoon. Despite trying to wear her out with swimming and a visit to a soft play centre, she still had plenty of energy. This is one of the quieter moments of the day.

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Round and round

I have been thinking of you all, I promise. Lots and lots. It’s just that I seem to have been doing everything but taking photos over the last 10 days. End of term. School governor stuff. Sorting out work for next term. Getting a new office for my non-school work. Business plan. Washing socks. Hanging out them out to dry. Tidying up the girls’ bedroom. Tidying it up again. (sigh).

My friend, BSouth, thought my blog (and in fact its creator) had gone MIA.

When I have taken photos they seem to have been more of the same – the sky looking blue and the clouds looking white and fluffy from our back garden; another photo of my lovely, shiny guitar or some sheet music; shadows on the pavement; the gorgeous kids being wild, wild, wild – yes, I know they are wonderful and very worthy of having their photos posted, so I should have . . .  oh well, you know.

I have been doing lots of music. I’ve barely switched on the TV of an evening. I’ve listened to music, lots of different kinds, to stuff I know I already like and exploring other artists that I didn’t know before. I’ve played music – I am starting to develop calluses on my fingertips from guitar playing, so I must be doing something right, although I still can’t get F to sound halfway decent.

We also had a recommendation for a piano teacher for the girls and so she came round to see if she would suit. She spent half an hour with Rosie and Jenny, one after the other, and established what they could do so far. They seemed to like her – in fact Jenny chased after her, up the road, shouting “Cuddle! Cuddle!”, so she definitely passed the test with the Small One.

I’m hoping to get out with the girls more in the next few days, and have the opportunity to take some different photos. In the meantime, here’s some pictures of other lifeforms just getting on with things, instead of just thinking about it.



I have missed a few days posting and also visiting others’ blogs too. I’ve had quite a few things going on, and didn’t get much time to take photos, yet alone post anything interesting.

So I’m making up for it today by posting three photos, all taken today at a picnic in the park, to celebrate little A’s first birthday, the cute daughter of one of Hubby’s baseball pals.

We had fantastic weather. Warm, with a breeze, but not so hot that the kids couldn’t run around, joining in games of frisbee and football. Or skipping.

Just as the rather weary girls were going to bed this evening, we were rewarded with a molten sunset.



This little chap appeared to be very thorough in his work. I watched him working his way around the wild sweetpeas with a great deal of care.



This intriguing tendril has come creeping through the fence from next door. It’s not an unwelcome visitor.

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Perhaps a bit too much saturated fat

But the mashed potato was fabulous. Thanks, dear Hubby.


Bubbles of blue


In spite of the rain, the show goes on

Rosie’s sports morning was postponed yesterday due to the incessant rain, but miraculously, by some quirk of drainage the field wasn’t a quagmire this morning for the rescheduled event.

Hubby was the photographer today, as I had to work. He got some lovely shots of girls just being . . . girls.

Jenny’s sports morning was a couple of days ago. She had fun too.



Definitely not taken today, as we have only had rain, rain, rain . . .

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Not quite blue