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Flippin’ brilliant

I wonder how many pictures of pancakes have been posted onto the internet today. When I said to Mr Angelfeet I would need to take a picture of his efforts, he confessed that he doesn’t normally “free-flip”, but for the sake of art, he would give it a go.

DSC01144 copy



It’s about time

Our friends, L and M have, for a long time, been suggesting we join them in visiting the south coastal town of Eastbourne. They insisted that the sea was a colour not matched anywhere else; that the beach had the most interesting pebbles and stones; that the Towner gallery was a treat; and the experience of eating at the Holiday Inn Fish Bar – well, there were no words for that, you just had to do it.

We hadn’t been putting it off, but there never seemed the right time, what with all the usual family¬†commitments¬†and the inability of all members of my lovely family to actually all be out of bed and ready to leave at an early enough time to make it worthwhile.

But somehow, today, we did it.

The sea was a magnificent colour.

The pebbles were intriguing.

The Towner gallery was inspiring.

The Holiday Inn Fish Bar was certainly an experience (tinned peaches and cream anyone?) and it offered a suitably satisfying, reasonably priced lunch. The photo of Jenny’s banana split is kindly supplied by Hubby.

All in all, a lovely day.

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Still Life

Still Life

I just couldn’t resist taking this photo. The apples are from my allotment (my sadly, very neglected allotment).

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Good Intentions


A review earlier this month of what I’ve been eating – why? because I just need to do something differently – revealed that I need to improve my intake of fruit.

Fortunately, I know the girls will help eat it.