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All together now

Last full day of our time in Yorkshire, and we went all went down to the beach to be creative with what we could find there. It was another less sunny day and we donned layers to ensure we were ready for anything.

We’ve been holidaying with our good friends L and M, which has made it extra special and fun. I was aware that as the main photographer in my family, there are rarely pictures of me when I look through my photo collection, and I was keen to get a group shot. I creatved my own pile of suitable stones to balance the camera on, and prayed it wouldn’t wobble.

Taking timer group shots can often be hysteria inducing. I was amazed I didn’t go headlong over the rocks trying to get back to the group before the camera fired.


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On a Clear Day

Well you wouldn’t know now, as the mist is now creeping down over the headland and floating across the bay, but earlier it was a very conventionally summery day. Sun shining, ice-cream on the beach, much paddling by the kids, much sitting down and taking lazy photos by me. It appears they have a micro-climate here and it’s extra-ordinary how quickly things change. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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The sunflowers at home have already started to “go over”. Perhaps it’s the sea air that keeps this one going.

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Really must bring a towel next time

We were at the beach today again, but this time it was was Whitby, home of Dracula, Whitby Abbey and jet stone. We had already stuffed ourselves with lunch at Botham’s tea rooms and although the adults in the party felt the need to wrap up against the Yorkshire summer, the girls were happy with freezing their toes in the North Sea.


Low Tide

Holiday time and we’re back at our favourite place in Yorkshire, Robin Hood’s Bay. Looks like the weather is going to be great this week too.

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A Special Bond

Sometimes it’s just the two of them.

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Wild and Free