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Last day of 2008. It hasn’t been how I imagined it would be and I have to admit that I am weary, particularly after the last couple of weeks, in regard to Mum and her time at the hospital. It’s been awful for her and distressing for her family. Yesterday she was discharged from hospital and transferred to a nursing care home, where I hope, once she has settled in, she will find some comfort and happiness.

So I didn’t manage to post every day in 2008, but I don’f feel I’ve failed. It’s inspired me to get a new camera, and to take my interest in photography seriously. I’ve met (virtually) so many people and have been privileged to have a glimpse into their lives. Thank you everyone who left comments, frequently, or even just once. And even those who didn’t comment – thank you all for visiting.



Through a glass


I hadn’t accounted for the shadows the flash would throw as a result of the various reflections, but hey, this is supposed to be about art as well as ego.

And to show that I’m still around. Somewhere.

We were at the in-laws. Ma-in-law has a fabulous collection of glass. I must try and get back there to take photos in the daytime.

Update on my Mum: waiting to hear from the hospital whether she can be discharged today and transferred to a nursing care home. We had hoped she would be able to go back to the house she has lived in for 57 years, but she has lost so much mobility and strength, it wouldn’t be safe for her to be on her own. She was also feeling very isolated in the weeks leading up to her admission to hospital. Hopefully she will get the company as well as the care at her new home.


Call me carrot girl

She was a snowgirl in the Christmas play.