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Snow fun

In whatever way you normally encounter me, whether it’s here or the slightly revived Going to Pieces, you may have wondered where I’ve been. Well, I’ve actually been at Barbara’s (she of JoBart). For six weeks. Reading books. You don’t believe me? Look.

You may think it wouldn’t take that long to read one children’s story book, but it was a long book, with a cat who couldn’t speak English and only the parrot could understand him. And you think there were only 4 children. No, out of shot there were 50 more children waiting to have it re-read, because they couldn’t see the pictures from where they were standing.

Anyway, I’ve been tagged for a meme, by Barbara (because she’s the only one that actually knows that I’m still alive). Apparently the meme was set up by Tara of Stickyfingers, who I hadn’t encountered before now. But I already like her, because she loves trees.

A difficult thing for everyone, deciding on a favourite photo. Of course, today’s favourite may not be tomorrow’s or yesterday’s. But as I was walking home in the snow (more snow again today), I decided I could put one forward as a favourite.

This was taken last February. It has slightly bittersweet associations, as we’d had to postpone my Mum’s funeral on account of the snow, but once we’d made the decision to postpone, it meant that I was able to put thoughts of it aside and just enjoy the snow fun.