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I took loads of photos yesterday. It was such a freeing feeling, just having the time to take as many shots as I wanted.

And I just have to post more than one today.


Birthday cream tea

It was my birthday today. Hubby had the day off work and the girls are on half-term holiday. I voted to go back to Standen House. No snow this time, and it stayed dry, despite the forecast for heavy showers earlier in the week. We had a lovely day and this cream tea was just right.


You’ve got mail

I never know whether to trust my mail with this post-box. It is located half-way up my road, near the entrance to the tram-stop, but I always suspect that the posties sometimes forget to drop by and then think, “Ah, well, there wouldn’t have been anything in there anyway”.

It says Wednesday, but which week? Actually, all our post boxes just have that little plaque of metal, stating the day only, with general information underneath. Gone are the days when it would indicate the next collection time on that little piece of metal.

Mail isn’t what it used to be.


Watch the skies

I was playing around with the guitar pegs after dinner. I thought they looked a little like musical notes and then wondered what tune you could make with them.

I didn’t quite get the shot I’d hoped for – I probably should have spent more time on it.

So what tune is it? It’s from a film and a clue is in the title.



Jenny found some books she hadn’t looked at in a while.



I really am new to this guitar business and had a go yesterday at changing the strings on a friend’s guitar (who is equally unfamiliar with the process), under the partial supervision of Hubby. For those of you that don’t know (and I wouldn’t have recognised these items a week ago), the pegs hold the strings in place and the little black thing is used to lever the pegs out when you need to.

I managed to draw blood (my own) and to break two of the new strings. A good learning experience.



I’m not convinced any part of this shot is in focus, but I like it anyway.


Pale and interesting*

It has been a wonderful day weather-wise, warm and sunny, although a little windy in the park where I was with the girls and an old, old friend and her two children. We had a picnic, hired some bikes, had an ice-cream and the children burnt off more of their incredible energy in the playground.

It would have made some wonderful photos, if I’d remembered to take the camera! So here’s the only picture of the day.

Because I didn’t remember to put on the sunblockeverywhere I needed to.

* how my Mum described me when I was bemoaning, as a teenager, that I had such sensitive, fair skin that never tans.



We put in two fruit trees on our allotment plot a couple of months ago, an apple and a pear. Maybe we’ll get some fruit this year.


Beautiful Tomorrow