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It’s been a chaotic week, and I left it quite late to put any thought into Halloween – it’s not something that is particularly special to me. But the kids wanted to go trick or treating and I just about pulled it together to go out with my girls and Rosie’s special friend along our road.

I lit some tea-lights to get into the mood, and found they made delightful shadows through the patterns of the glass dishes.


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Hair Sculpture

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It is half-term holiday here, so the girls are home from school and I don’t spend 4 mornings this week going “And what does the sound two ohs make when they are together?”.

We had such fun at the park today. I decided to take the day off from being miserable-Mummy who has too many things to do, none of them fun, and none of them getting done because I feel . . miserable.

The weather was a perfect crisp Autumn day. We wore gloves and hats, the first time we’ve needed to since last winter (which wasn’t very wintery itself). I had to keep taking my gloves off to take photos.

It was really hard to pick a photo out of the fifty I took, but this one sums up the good time we had.


Somehow disappointing

Even though the musical box, to which this mechanism belongs, was bought for me 27 years ago (gosh, I feel so old) in Switzerland, it is slightly disappointing to see that it’s not all Swiss-made.

Come to think of it, the tune it plays is Edelweiss, which is an Austrian tune, rather than Swiss. So it’s an imposter all round – but I still treasure it as a special gift from my sister.

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Winter, Creeping

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Funny How Time Slips Away

Can you guess that this wasn’t taken today?

I didn’t want to waste it. I go by this window quite frequently and am intrigued all the different time pieces.

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I was beginning to think I wouldn’t see the light of day again

I lost September in a blur of going-back-to-school and the associated duties and activities. Somehow October was submerged too, as I wrestled with efforts to build my business, and more acutely, the health of my mother, which has been so up and down. Some days it feels like death is creeping towards us, and or even in the room with us, and then there are other days, like today, when we may hope to believe that some solutions have been found and we are not condemned to the constant self-questioning of “What else we can be doing differently? We must be able to make this different.”

I took this picture this morning, during a short power walk round the block. It felt like a victory to find the space to start to do something more positive to my own well-being, and also to take photos again.