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Out of Reach and Out of Sight

An image from August 2011, Whipsnade Zoo.


Another meeting tonight. Tell you what, I’m not doing anything tomorrow evening except a whole load of nothing.

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How long have you been in this part of the country?

Waving bye-bye to our lovely cottage overlooking the bay, we moved on from a week in Robin Hood’s Bay, to Derbyshire, where we stayed a couple of nights at The Rambler Inn, which was a very comfy stay, with some very friendly staff.

My main reason for guiding the family towards this part of the country was to be able to visit this property.

The exteriors of this stately home were used for filming a rather well-known period drama almost 20 years ago. Do you recognise it?

Another attraction of the area was the beautiful scenery. We’d not visited the area before and were astounded by the beauty of the landscape. This was taken from Rushup Edge, which we climbed after stopping the car to admire the view from the road. It was an even better view from the top.

It seemed the perfect weather for these para-gliders.



The sunflowers at home have already started to “go over”. Perhaps it’s the sea air that keeps this one going.

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We’ve had really mild days in the last month or so, and now it’s officially spring and it’s snowing.


There’s a back story to today, but I’ve posted it on my (ir)regular blog, because I haven’t posted anything there in a while and it was threatening to divorce me.


We had hail as well today. The downpour lasted about 3 minutes and left this delightfully photographic gem on the car.


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Another time


At the garden centre today, I was reminded of the many plants I had bought last year that had met a grizzly death, after I had failed to care for them as I should. Therefore it was fairly easy to resist the temptation to buy any more until I had prepared the ground at home or the allotment, so that they have the best possible chance of survival.

These sundials caught my eye – I’ve contemplated tackling making one, as a science project with Rosie – and realised an opportunity to capture time.

However, I can’t resist posting a second picture that I took at the garden centre. Can you recognise what plant it is?



Dreaming of Spring


This photo might have been taken today, as there have been some sunny, if cold days recently. Really, though, it’s fairly grey outside, and anyway I haven’t even been out today, as a cold has caught me up. I even spent a couple of hours in bed this afternoon.

It cheered me to look at this photo from the archive. Taken in May last year at the gardens of the former home of Charles Darwin, it was a wet, but sunny day.

I know this shot suffers from camera shake but I love the energy in the photo. Perhaps I was laughing too.