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The Fight

It has been an incredibly lazy day today, with timings all out (get up at 10.45, breakfast at 11.30, lunch at 3) and I now feel dozy and uninspired. I guess I needed a sleepy day, and the light covering of snow meant that I didn’t feel a need to go out anywhere.

Jenny begged for a snowball fight companion, but I argued that I had had a go yesterday after school, so Mr Angelfeet volunteered, leaving me as official photographer (oh, such a burden!), comfortable in the warmth of the kitchen, shooting through the window. I got to use my 70mm-300mm lens and the fangley-doo-da setting on my camera that shoots continuous mode.DSC00248




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Softly on the hair of my beloved

It’s not snow-day snow, but we woke up this morning to fluffy flakes floating down past the window. It was still dark when I went out and took this photo by the light of the security lamp. I’m chuffed to have got an image before it melted.


I had to clear snow from the car, but none of it had settled on the roads or pavements.  The children at the school where I work were all looking forward to playing in the snow after school, but I was a little sad for them, because I knew that there would be nothing to see later.

I’m sure there will be more this winter.


Rain on a spider’s web

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The sunflowers at home have already started to “go over”. Perhaps it’s the sea air that keeps this one going.

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Room with a View


No chance at all to take photos today, as I was busy with school work in the morning and therapy work in the afternoon through to 7.30 p.m.

This was taken on Snowy Monday, a week ago, at Standen House. I can’t wait to go back, take a seat in this conservatory and admire the view.

(I’m really behind on looking at and commenting on all you other lovely people’s blogs, so forgive me. I will catch up, I promise. )