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Team work

I missed posting yesterday, which I’m a little grumpy about. It was an incredibly busy day and evening, but I would have still managed to post something, except for the fact that I didn’t have enough memory on my computer to transfer the photos I took last night, and spent quite a long time trying to sort that out. In the end, I gave up – it was, by that time – after midnight and I’d missed the day. Yes, I could have cheated and post-dated the post but I thought not.

We were busy last night, listening to thousands of primary age children singing at The O2 in London. Jenny and Rosie have both sung with the Young Voices choir before. This year was a better experience for Jenny as she was less nervous and they weren’t up in the gods, making the whole much more enjoyable.

Young Voices O2 300113

Can you imagine the volume created by all those children?

Fabulous singing from the massed Choir, great guests (The African Children’s Choir, Connie Talbot, and Randolph Matthews) and a trouble-free journey there and back made for a marvellous, albeit tiring, evening.


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