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We were up at Crystal Palace Park today to watch Rosie run in the local borough school’s cross-country event. It was chilly but sunny. Rosie did well, coming in at 141st (out of at least 333). Afterwards we revived her with some hot chocolate and then she still had some energy to fool around with Dad and little sis.

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Waiting for a sunny day





My photo opportunities are a bit limited at the moment, as I’m spending lots of time at the hospital with Mum (she was admitted via the emergency department on Friday).

The walk from the railway station to the hospital takes me through Ladywell Fields, a public green space running alongside the railway that has undergone regeneration over the last few years.

This one was taken from the footbridge over the railway.


Day by day




A better day with Mum today. What felt like a helpful visit from the occupational therapist, who despite being only 15 years old (well, she was young), seemed to make Mum feel at ease and came up with lots of suggestions to help try and keep Mum in her own home as long as possible.

Didn’t see much daylight today, but took some kitchen shots.


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Not a jolly posting today. Sorry. Turn away now if you need cheering up.


We had to say goodbye to one of our cats today. Not Byron, the tabby poser, but his sister, Keats. She had cancer and whilst I don’t think she was unhappy at the end, she was uncomfortable. I dreaded telling the girls. They cried, I cried, and then we looked at some old photos, mostly not of Keats, but it got us through.

It’s been a tough day/week. My Mum is very unwell also and just when we think we might be getting somewhere with her meds and care, she deteriorates further and needs more drastic interventions. It is a sad thing to tell your children about the loss of a pet and hold them as they cry. But it is a terrible thing to hold your parent in your arms as they sob because of the intensity of the pain and the fear of it not ever being any better, of it being the end, of being scared and lonely.

I feel I am grieving in so many ways.

Tomorrow will be better, somehow.




A dreadful photo in terms of the grainyness, the shadow I cast on the subject and the framing. But I like it because it looks like Jenny is from the cast of Heroes –  she has fire sprouting from her hand.

In fact she’s waving a sparkler around, from our crazy night of fireworks yesterday evening at my sister’s house. The rain was quite light when we started but gradually got heavier as Hubby and Sister’s Hubby attempted to cajole the rockets and roman candles to shrug off the rain and perform.

Rain stopped play after a while, but we still had fun.

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Busy Going Nowhere


Clearly, I have done some steps, but I didn’t bother wearing this today, as I knew it would be one of those days when I would be in and out of the car and not log much in the way of footfall.

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Getting to the point



Just passing