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It was a beautiful day for a New Year’s Walk


Looking back at photos from this day last year, the weather was very similar, although I think it might have been a bit colder then.


Not all of us walked this year. Jeff stayed and prepared a sumptuous lunch for us. Jenny stayed home and tried to find out what the Romans have done for us (history homework). Rosie slaved away at her artwork.

And some of our family never go very far.


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Instant Cat in a Box

The days are whizzing by and I’ve lost a few here and there. Some of our focus during the last couple of weeks has been to do with our older daughter’s decisions about her next two years of study. GCSE choices seemed such a long way away only 6 months ago and now she (we) have to decide by next Monday. At the presentation on Thursday night, the girls were advised to take subjects they enjoyed. But balance and pragmatism in regards to future plans need to be considered too. Luckily Rosie understands this, so hopefully she will be happy with her choices when they are made.

Meanwhile, this young man’s choices are simpler – to chase his tail, have a snooze, try to eliminate the cat nip toys or to find new places to explore.


He joined our family last Saturday and we’re slowly introducing him to our lovely Grimalkin. He is a kitten and consequently mostly bonkers, which will suit Grimmy fine.


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