It’s amazing how tiring shopping can be. I’d already been out quite early (for a Saturday morning, that is) and had then returned home to pick up the two Js (Rosie was with her sleepover friend for the day), before heading off to our local big shops. Late breakfast became early lunch and then we hit the shops for the things on our list, which mysteriously kept growing – “Oh I just need to get this . . . Well, I wanted to get this . . .”

I took my camera with me; Jenny wanted to know why I’d brought it with me on a shopping trip.” I want to use it; there might be an opportunity to take a picture!” (you have to make your opportunities, of course). Mid-afternoon, we decided we needed a little rest and found a coffee shop, where we all sank into chairs and ate unnecessary calories, watching the world go by and creating images in our own ways.


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