Some great folk

I know I should write about the fantastic time  the girls and I had at Folk by the Oak on Sunday, which was held in the grounds of Hatfield House. But is it alright if I just say it was my first festival, and it was fab. Will that be enough? And some photos?

Warning – these are not especially good photos. I was too shy to go right down the front, passing in front of other people, to position myself better, so I relied on my zoom to catch something. No tripod either. What am I like?

2009-07-26 008

Almost all of The Shee are in this picture (and someone’s extra-ordinary hair too).

2009-07-26 004

Ah, there she is, the other Shee I left out of the last shot. I really enjoyed their set and have ordered their CD.

2009-07-26 012

I was dragged away to the pottery tent by Jenny, so didn’t “see” much of Chris Wood, but could hear him from where I was sitting. He has a lovely voice. His songs are pften political but humorous too.

2009-07-26 049

This shot was taken closer and shows Karine Polwart and her brother, who surely has a name but I can’t recall it. I would have happily heard more of her too.

2009-07-26 064

Ah, the reason I ended up at Folk by the Oak. A long Internet trail some months back led to finding out that this young man on the leccy guitar, Jim Moray, was playing there, and I wanted to see him live. I’m glad I did.

A great day. Rosie spent lots of time in the craft tent with friend, Z, and has been doing hand-knitting ever since.

Jenny, who’s been a bit under the weather, did some of this:

2009-07-26 007

And some of this:

2009-07-26 013

  1. #1 by bsouth on July 31, 2009 - 6:09 am

    They are nice photo’s – I always think that festival photo’s can get away with being a bit less sharp – it’s down to all the fun that’s being had!

    Poor Jenny, I hope she’s less under the weather soon.

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