Bruised, grazed and aching in places I didn’t know I had . . . but feeling strangely alive

I think I could say that I have been a fairly sedentary person for many years. Go for a cycle or have a cup of tea with a friend? Cup of tea please. And do you have a biscuit?

Anyhow, our-4-day break at Center Parcs could easily have been on the sedentary side. They offer pamper treatments, a sports cafe where you can watch as much TV as you like, numerous restaurants around the site. Or you can sit on the lakeside watching other people fall off windsurfing boards as they try to master it. But it wasn’t.

However, being a mostly sedentary person, I had not remembered that sometimes you Fall Off. Not just the kids – we’re used to picking them up and dusting them off. Me too. But I also had forgotten/never realised that to fall off is OK.

Here are the girls not falling off.

(Jenny opted for training wheels at the cycle hire centre and it was a joy to watch her little legs pedalling away. She did take a tumble on Thursday evening by going too fast over a speed-bump, and grazed knee and elbow, but she recovered enough to get back in the saddle on Friday).

  1. #1 by gawdess on August 31, 2008 - 5:00 am

    it looks like a wonderful time

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