How do you turn this thing off again?


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Instant Cat in a Box

The days are whizzing by and I’ve lost a few here and there. Some of our focus during the last couple of weeks has been to do with our older daughter’s decisions about her next two years of study. GCSE choices seemed such a long way away only 6 months ago and now she (we) have to decide by next Monday. At the presentation on Thursday night, the girls were advised to take subjects they enjoyed. But balance and pragmatism in regards to future plans need to be considered too. Luckily Rosie understands this, so hopefully she will be happy with her choices when they are made.

Meanwhile, this young man’s choices are simpler – to chase his tail, have a snooze, try to eliminate the cat nip toys or to find new places to explore.


He joined our family last Saturday and we’re slowly introducing him to our lovely Grimalkin. He is a kitten and consequently mostly bonkers, which will suit Grimmy fine.


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Just the right size

She really likes her cupboard box.


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Leading the light


Forgive me for no words again – really tired and heading to bed. ┬áThe first week back is a toughie.

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Shadows in the park


Another camera photo today – I’m a frustrated by its ┬álimitations but I don’t have a portable enough camera to keep one with me all the time. I was saying to a friend as we waited for our mad girls to stop spinning and spinning and spinning on the tyre swing that what I need is a camera that is also a phone, rather than the other way round. I suspect these already exist.


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Where people lose your name


Walking home from the gym, my eye was attracted to the long shadows cast by the artificial lights of nighttime. In particular I spotted a man walking his dog and the fascinating composition it created. Of course by the time I had got my phone out to record the picture, they were gone.

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Sunday lunch

This is a picture from yesterday but I was too tired to post, so here it is today. We had a lovely family meal, with rellies coming up from Brighton and the opportunity to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We sat down at 12.30 and left at 4.30!


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